Basic Care Information
Getting started with your Dragon
   · Caging
   · Substrate
   · Using live plants
   · Lighting/Temperatures
   · Humidity

Feeding and watering
   · What and what not to feed
   · Watering ideas
   · Sorces of calcium

Infections and other problems
   · Respiratory infections
   · Parasite infections
   · Eye infections
   · Mouth rot (stomatitis)
   · Shedding problems
   · Snout damage
   · Constipation

Other Dragon tips
   · Sexing your Dragon
   · Breeding/incubation

If you're new at owning a Chinese Water Dragon, I suggest that
you skim through the lists incase you have missed something. If
there is something that is not here that you think should be here,
please contact me and let me know so I can be sure to post it in
the near future.